Suede and Velvet Effect Roller Blinds

• Normal fabrics allow some light through in a room.

• Blackout Blind fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and TV rooms.

• Sheer Blinds allow light to softy filter through, while still giving you privacy.

• PVC Waterproof Roller blinds are very practical, a must have in any bathroom or kitchen.

Chenille Silver velvet roller blind
Chenille Angora velvet roller blind
Chenille Mink velvet roller blind
Chenille Mauve velvet roller blind
Paloma Almond suede effect roller blind

Browse our range of made to measure suede and velvet roller blinds, all available to purchase online today.  Each roller blind is manufactured using quality fabrics and hardware, and is especially made for you and to your specific requirements.  Changing your window blinds can transform your whole room, whether you’re looking to make a feature out of your roller blind or a beautiful backdrop.  Stamp your personality on your interior with our suede and velvet roller blinds, there’s one here to suit your style.

Our suede and velvet roller blinds can not only transform your room, they are incredibly versatile and can provide a stunning window dressing.  When open, roller blinds allow you to take in the view.  When drawn, a beautiful backdrop to enhance your interior.  For all round suitability and practicality, the roller blind will prove a delight in any situation.