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How Can Window Blinds Help Keep Your Home Warm In Winter.

With Winter upon us and the cold weather creeping in we are all looking for ways to keep our homes warmer and save money on heating bills. People need to think of blinds and shutters as a way of regulating temperature, a bit like a thermostat.  In the winter, during the day when it is sunny, open blinds to benefit from the sun’s free solar energy and close them in the evening to provide extra insulation and reduce heat loss, saving energy and money.

In summer, the process is reversed and closing the shading during the day can stop heat build up in the room, while opening them during the evening when the temperature is cooler allows some of the heat to escape with ventilation.

The data has it…Blinds make better winter energy savings

New independent research by the University of Salford’s Energy House Labs has demonstrated that blinds and shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 33%*. 

Blinds and shutters are a proven tactic in creating a more energy-efficient home. They help retain heat during the winter and reflect the sun’s rays during warmer days.

How to use your blinds and shutters to save energy in the winter

Watch this brief video on how to conserve heat in winter using your window blinds.


Don’t forget…

It’s important not to forget about insulating external doors with partial glazing. Blinds and shutters fitted to doors can help trap more even more heat in the home.

Let heat in during the day


Open blinds and shutters early in the morning when sunny to use the free solar energy from the sun to warm your home.

Keep heat in at night


Close blinds and shutters in the night to provide extra insulation helping to reduce heat loss, keep warmer and save energy.

Did you know?….

Commissioned and funded by the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA), the data shows that window blinds and shutters can have a significant positive impact on energy savings.

Blinds and shutters are a proven way to save energy. They should be considered like other building energy efficiency measures and are typically low cost and can make a real difference.

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