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Tips On How To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

With the summer months upon us, for many people this means BBQs, beach days and dips in the pool.  But there are days when the summer heat isn’t fun and you just want to climb into the freezer!

Keeping you home cool during the hot months can be a real challenge, resulting in restless nights and hot and sweaty days.  We’ve put together a few simple tips to help keep your home cool and more enjoyable throughout the summer.

Made To Measure Roller Blinds

Close Your Blinds & Curtains

Keeping your window blinds and curtains closed during the day will help keep the heat out of the house.  Blackout Roller Blinds are perfect for keeping the heat out.

If you are home, open the window and leave a little gap open on your blinds or curtains.  This will help circulate the air and allow the cooler air in. 

How To Keep Cool In Summer

Invest In A Fan

Fans are a great way to cool your home, but they can just circulate the warm air.  At night its a good idea to position your fan near or on your window ledge facing inwards.  This allows the fan to circulate the cooler night air rather than the hot air in the room.  

Fan Hack – place a bowl of ice or ice packs in front of the fan.  As the ice melts, the cool mist will create a cool breeze.

How To Keep Cool In Summer

Chill Out

Keep cool by sipping on ice-cold drinks, add a slice of lemon or fruit to keep it refreshing.  Its really important to stay hydrated.  When your body is properly hydrated, it regulates its temperature much more efficiently.

Ice lollies are a great (and fun) way to help keep kids cool.  

Apply an ice pack or cold flannel to you head and pressure points or take a cool shower.  Put cold water into a spray bottle and spray on your face and neck.

Hot Water Bottle

Cold Hot Water Bottle Hack

On a hot day the last thing you think of is getting a hot water bottle out, right?  

But what if we were to tell you, you can actually use it to cool down in bed a night…amazing, right?  Just fill your hot water bottle up with tap water and pop it in the freezer, before bedtime just pop your bottle of cold goodness into your bed…voila!

How To Keep Cool In Summer

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units can be expensive, and expensive to run, but are excellent in cooling down your room.  Pick one with a high energy-star rating and do your research to ensure you choose the right type of air-conditioner for your home.

How To Keep Cool In Summer

Turn On Your Bathroom Extractor

Turn on your bathroom or kitchen extractor for that matter.  Both will pull out the hot air that rising after cooking or taking a shower

If All Else Fails....

Go outside, throw the kids…and the dog in a bucket of water and sip on a refreshing gin & tonic!

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