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Photo Roller Blinds

Digitally printed photo roller blinds allow you to create a statement completely unique to you, your home or workplace.  Create something distinctive and personal with a treasured photograph, favourite image, destination or logo branding, the possibilities are endless.

What to Consider When Choosing A Picture Roller Blind?

  • When selecting your image, think about the size and shape of the blind that it needs to fit i.e. select a portrait image for a portrait blind.
  • If you are using one of your own images, it should be of as high resolution as possible, images taken on a low-resolution mobile phone are often unsuitable.
  • If you are using one of you own images, you must ensure that you own the rights or have permission to have the image reproduced. 
  • Fabric options, standard white VS blackout / PVC.  Standard fabrics allow some light through, this may make the image lighter.  PVC fabrics are naturally waterproof and blackout making them perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. We do recommend the PVC fabric as the image is sharper and retains the colour better.

What Options Do We Offer For Photo Blinds?

Personalised Digitally Printed Roller Blind

Personalised Digitally Printed Photo Roller Blind

With our Personalised Digitally Printed Photo Roller Blind the opportunities are endless.  Through this service, we can print almost any image on to your blinds.  Your favourite place, a treasured photo, your children or grandkids, a loved one, a beloved pet.  You can create a blind that is unique just to you


Picture Window Blinds
Roller Blinds With Pictures On
Picture Roller Blinds
Photo Roller Blinds
Photo Blinds

Printed Photo Roller Blinds

If you don’t want to use one of your own images, why not select one of our Digitally Printed Photo Roller Blind high resolution images?  We have hundreds of high resolution images for you to choose from.

Having roller blind with a picture on them enables you to style you room in such a unique way.  You can relax in the bath next to the beach or do the dishes in New York City? We have a fabulous selection of fun and beautiful images for you to choose from. 

If you can’t find the image you are looking for, you can visit 123RF.com and pick from over 200 million images online, all we need is the ID number.

Logo Roller Blinds

Logo Blinds

Logo Roller Blinds offer a unique way to personalise and create your own company window blind.  By using branded logo blinds, companies make themselves more visible to their clients and the general public. This allows 24/7 free advertising.

For a more in-depth guide to Logo Blinds, read the full blog!

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